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Every day, across the country, people get together to help each other out and create change in their communities. We can get a real sense of achievement from improving our local area and by working together we can make lasting friendships. However, every now and again, myths about risk and red tape can put a brake on the brilliant ideas that come out of those communities. We don’t think that should happen.

People in four areas across Yorkshire came together to put their ideas into action. They were brought together through JRF’s and JRHT’s ‘Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness Programme’, but their experiences are common to all sorts of community activity. They talked to us about the challenges they faced in getting their ideas off the ground and how they overcame them. This guide is based on these experiences. It explodes a few myths about health and safety and gives some tips on how to negotiate the potential pitfalls of community action. We don’t think it has to be difficult, in fact we know it isn’t.

This is just the beginning of your journey …

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This guide is part of a project funded by JRF’s Risk, Trust and Relationships programme. It is based on research conducted by Meg Allen, Sarah Clement and Yvonne Prendergast from red Consultancy. The full report will be available in January 2014.

red Consultancy would like to thank community activists from Bradford Moor, Carr Estate, Denholme and New Earswick who shared their challenges and strategies for success.

Thanks also go to the NALP (Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness Programme) team who shared their experiences, to Nageena Khan for help with research and interpreting, and to Ilona Haslewood from JRF for her comments.

If you have further questions about this guide please contact: contact@candoguide.org.uk

Ilona Haslewood Programme Manager (Policy and Research) | Tracey Robbins Programme Manager NALP

Design and illustrations by Sara Chew at Grey King

Produced by red Consultancy (September 2013) | Supported by JRF

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