Getting started

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  • Existing groups are likely to be delighted to see new people turning up – give them a call first if you like and feel free to take a friend along.
  • If you are starting out think about where you meet as some venues can put people off. The My Community Starter website provides an interactive guide and starter pack.
  • Whatever you do some people will always have something to say about it, so you may as well do what’s right for you. It’s your life.
  • It’s for you to decide what you want to do; don’t allow yourself to be rushed into doing things.
  • Take the time to explain to family and friends what it’s all about; that you’ll be helping your family and community. Invite them along as well so that they can find out for themselves and don’t feel left out!
  • For more tips on getting started try: Volunteering England (Volunteering England is now part of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations), Volunteer Scotland, Volunteering Wales and Volunteer Now for information about volunteering in Northern Ireland.

Local organisations such as the Council for Voluntary Service provide information and may help you get started.