Dealing With Health & Safety

A film night is a nice idea but would we need all sorts of licences? Would the community centre be safe?
A pop-up café is a nice idea but what about hygiene? And are kettles risky with the kids? It’s not going to be much of a café if we can’t make cakes or serve hot drinks!
I bet the first person who made a fire from rubbing two sticks together was told to put it out before someone got hurt!
We can section off a seated area for the drinks and remind parents to keep an eye on their children. Food hygiene isn’t rocket science I’m sure Dave has a hygiene certificate, so can remind us of the basics.
‘Can Do’ Community Centre have been showing films. Samina will run through how they did it – she said there’s not much red tape.

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  • There are lots of myths about what you can and can’t do. Paperwork isn’t needed as often as you think so check out the facts before being put off.
  • Talk to someone who has already had a go at what you want to do.
  • Consider linking up with another local group; they may have already dealt with some of the red tape.
  • Be flexible (as well as persistent!). You may need to make changes or do things in smaller steps towards achieving your main goal.
  • If you provide food only occasionally, or in very limited ways, you will need only simple procedures and records.
  • Insurance is useful in certain cases, for guidance see Community Matters

Have a look at the Volunteering Code of Practice at Volunteering England for tips and a reminder that volunteering is not a generally risky activity.

To find out more see Community Matters who provide information and telephone advice.