Managing Your Involvement

I wanted to set up some local activities not become a chief executive! I’m overloaded and want to spend more time at home ....
But you’re brilliant Joe! You did a great job with the walking group. We need someone with your drive on the committee ...
It is going well and I want to sit back and enjoy it. How about encouraging Delana to join – I’m happy to talk through things with her.

The more you do the more people will ask you to do, it’s a sign of success.

But you don’t have to take sole responsibility for the work. Share roles and jobs. Be prepared to say no!

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  • Be clear from the start how much time you have and consider any new roles carefully.
  • Start off with small achievable things – it’s tempting to try to do too much too fast
  • If you are in a group make sure you are clear about what’s expected of people and what the time commitment is.
  • Focus on recruiting new members on a rolling basis, so that there are other people to share the work.
  • Encourage new people to help out with an event rather than starting on a committee. People can be put off by long meetings and like to be involved in activities that make a difference.